Synopsis Of The Book 1776 By David Mccullough

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The novel 1776 by David McCullough tells the story of George Washington and his perseverance through the war, making him a successful general and leader. The novel focuses solely on the year of 1776, the year that America gained its independence. This gives McCullough the opportunity to provide great detail about battles, events, and most importantly, George Washington. The book describes Washington as both a leader and a general because of his great qualities in both areas. In the sections of the book where America is brought up, Washington is always brought up as well. McCullough highlights many important battles that show Washington’s skills as both a leader and general. In the novel, Washington faces many challenges, most of them relating to the responsibility that came with his authority. For example, in the Battle of Bunker Hill, the supplies of the American military were dangerously low, therefore influencing how the military fought and strategized. Washington worked this out with his men due to his ability to problem-solve as a leader. This was one of Washington’s first great achievements. Even though they were low on ammunition and gunpowder, they strategized well and defeated the British. However, Washington made mistakes as well. The military had to retreat while in New York after an embarrassing defeat, which was Washington’s first…show more content…
He helped the American military win the Revolutionary War, and was likely one of the most influential people of the entire war. Even with little experience as a general, he became one of the greatest, most widely known leaders of all time. He made mistakes, but he always learned from them and fought his way through. He fought battles bravely and overcame difficulties in the military with ease. This eventually led to him becoming the first ever president of the United States. George Washington was easily a very important person in the war, if not the
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