1776 David Mccullough Book Report

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The book 1776 of David McCullough is very interesting history book. It took you back to the most relevant history time of American history of 1776. The book captures your attention with well-written narrative and format. The New york Times reviewed the book as “ the book is nonetheless a stirring and timely work, reminding us that it is soldiers rather than tavern patriots and windy politicians who have always paid the price of American idealism and determined successes” in 2005. David McCullough is a native Pennsylvanian. His success as a talented history writer starts from Yale University. The experience he captured as editorial assistance in New York, editor and writer at United State information in Washington, and a full time editor and writer of American Heritage helped him for his success as historian. His famous work the “Great Bridge’’ of 1972 nominated for Academy Award. He won The National Book Award of History, The Cornelius Ryan Award, The Samuel Eliot Morison Award, and Francis Parkman Prize from American Society of Historian in different times. The king of Great Britain king George III was entitled great power and wealth around 1775. The book description about the atmosphere of opening the parliament gave extra…show more content…
Washington was well known Horseman. The writer describe him “ Washington was known to hunt up to several hours straight, ride as close to the hounds as possible, leaping fences and going extremely quick and always to the end to be in on the skill…” The writer took time to describe George Washington’s life hood in chronological order by quoting diaries, books and magazines of that time. George Washington was born in Tidewater Virginia by 1732. He was a typical person of the time from working class family. The book clearly narrate how little educated, dancer, and well manner Washington transformed his life to the leader of America through life experience and
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