17th Day 9th Moon Research Paper

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17th Day, 9th Moon, 17th YRA In accordance with the will of Her Majesty, and in upholding the duties charged to me as an Aspirant Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of The Duel of Master Vincint and Ser Kobe. On the 15th day of the 9th moon, a duel took place in the Practice Hall. All involved in the duel met in the just before the tenth early bell. The combatants included master Vincint and ser Kobe with mistress Josie and master Alexandr as their seconds. Further, in attendance were seras Natasha and this Chronicler. When asked what he could share about the duel, master Vincint replied, "He insulted mistress Meryl. I was asked to challenge on her behalf by His Royal Highness." As the time for the duel to commence grew near, ser Kobe still had not shown. Master Alexandr eventually asked if the other side would be amenable to delaying the duel for ten ticks to give ser…show more content…
If the second chooses not to, it is a blight on their honor. Again, the primary, ser Kobe, is to be named a coward for his actions in not appearing at the point and time of his duel," he concluded. It was agreed to give him ten ticks. Still having made no appearance, Master Alexandr stood in his place. The masters prepared themselves as mistress Josie stated the following, "We are here to conduct a duel to submission. Once a strike has been landed, both parties are to step back and verbally consent to either proceed further in combat or cede the fight to their opponent. There are no terms for apologies or appeasements; thus, once this duel is concluded the offense is redressed," she concluded. Mistress Josie and sera Natasha, who stepped in as master Alexandr 's second, checked the weapons of the combatants. The steel rapier, used by master Vincint, and a falchion, used by master Alexandr, were both confirmed to be fit for
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