18 The Age Of Adulthood Analysis

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18 the age of adulthood In life it seems that as you get older you start to develop a sense of responsibility and to prepare for adulthood. It’s logical to say when a child learns how to take care of themselves that this can only help them because it helps them be ready for the real world if they already know how to be independent and manage responsibilities of their own. This also good for them because when you expose 18 year olds to responsibility it makes it easier for them to make decisions of their own and build their future. We can clearly see this in “ What is The Age of Responsibility?” by Alan Greenblatt , when he shows reasons for which to let 18 be the age of responsibility. He also shows that 18 year olds can vote and go to fight in wars but they can’t drink beer. This along with many reasons is why we should treat 18 year olds as adults and trust them to be responsible and make good decisions. Some laws concerning minors don’t make sense. This is shown in the article “What is The Age of Responsibility?” by Alan Greenblatt where he states that the age difference the laws enforced were so confusing even “ military personnel … wonder why they can fight in wars but not go to bars”(1). This evidence supports that some laws allow you to get hurt or die even and others don’t allow you to do something that can cause less damage. Additionally , it proves that the age difference laws give are confusing young people and giving them a hard time to understand them
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