1812 Dbq

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What also triggered war was weakening relations with the Indians in the West. While the government tried to remove them from their lands to make room for settlers, they tried to civilize the Indians the best they could. The Indians that were acquired through the Louisiana Purchase were now significantly outnumbered by white settlers, and some tribes began to take on white ways of life, such as slavery and agriculture. Other Indians, called nativists, wanted to completely exterminate European influences and defy the settlement of their lands. The vote to declare war on Britain in 1812 reflected a divided nation between North and South. The Republicans and Federalists that represent the northern states voted against the war. However, southern…show more content…
Most well known, Andrew Jackson led a militia that harshly pressured Indians to surrender most of the southeastern lands that later became Alabama and Mississippi. Also, in January 1815, Jackson notably revolted against British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Ironically, this battle was done before the information that the American and British compromisers had ratified the Treaty of Ghent had reached America. This treaty had ended the war the month before the Battle of New Orleans had been launched into action. This document did not change anything for America, it did not give us any territory or rights to U.S. ships or impressment. The war of 1812 was known to some Americans as the Second War of Independence. The war established the power of the republic to protect and stand up for itself and engage in war without relinquishing its republican organization. Also, the war made Andrew Jackson a national hero and it secured the lands east of the Mississippi River for whites. Many of these people would bring slaves with them from the South and start anew. The war strengthened Americas ' separation from Europe and at the same time reinforced their
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