1820 To 1860 Dbq Essay

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The cause of most political dispute around 1820-1860 was mostly about slavery. There has been division between the North and the South, though compromise had usually sufficed in calming the controversy. However, nearing 1860, political compromise appeared useless. Comprises simply postponed addressing the issue, and led to even greater issues,compromise wasn’t working politically, socially,and economically for the nation. Before when their was hope for fixing the political disputes, many compromises were enacted. For example the Missouri Compromise. There was much debate as to whether new states hoping to join the Union would be slave states or free states. Before, there was equal amount of free and slave states each having 2 representatives. The making of having a new slave states can affect the balance in the senate. If Missouri became a slave state , the balance will be tipped off., because of this a new state had to change, Maine…show more content…
The issues became more about slavery now. More and more people voices started being heard about slavery. The opponents to slavery were called abolitionists. Abolitionists wanted to end slavery and set slaves free. In doc 2 abolitionists agreed that Congress could not do much to prevent slavery within slave states but could interfere with trafficking and exchange of slaves between states. One of the attempt to solve the issue, the House of Representatives issued the Gag rule stated in Doc 3, which was a strict rule passed by pro-southern Congressmen in 1836 to prohibit all discussion of slavery in the House of Representatives. Another compromise that was placed to fix the tension was the Compromise of 1850 . Which delayed the Civil War by putting the Fugitive Slave act, banning slave trade in DC, admitting California as a free state, splitting up the Texas territory, and instating popular sovereignty in the Mexican Cession. Stated in doc
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