18th Century: Age Of Enlightenment

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Josh Cox
Western Civ: Early Mod. To Present
June 17, 2015
The 18th century was known as the Age of Enlightenment. During this time in American history political, legal, social, and cultural concepts were greatly advanced and used worldwide. In the 18th century the advancements in political ideas change the way we governed the people. During this time the ideas of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes gave rise to the notion of democracy. These ideas supplemented the monarchical power structure on the European continent. At the end of the century Adam Smith’s economic ideas would provide basis for the development of modern capitalism. The legal concepts during the 18th century changed from the old to the new style of criminal justice. It went from the
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The legal system of this era was considered arbitrary, brutal and inefficient. During the 18th century there were three types of social classes. The first class of the 18th century was called the Gentry. The Gentry consist of the people at the top of the English society. The people at the top of the English society were the lards temporal, the pears of the realm dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts and barons. The second class was the middle class. The middle classes were made up of civil servants, lower ranking military officers, merchants, lawyers, law clerks, lower clergy and freehold farmers and shopkeepers. The lower class consists of the craftsmen. Another group that played a big role in the social status of the 18th century was the Anglicans and Dissenters. These were the church folk. During this time the people of the church were scared of the church of England. The culture of the 18th century was greatly influence by the political, social and legal aspects. The way people lived was based on what laws, what social class the person…show more content…
During her young years her mom wasn’t really attached to her daughter at all. She was more attached to her brother Christian, but Christian died at a young age. After Christian death Catherine’s mom became more attached to her. The only reason Catherine’s mom was attached to her is because she saw it as a means to move up the social ladder and improve her own situation. Catherine was well educated by tutors. She learned three languages which were German, French and Russian. Catherine only became Royalty of Russia because of her mother’s connection with the Russian Empress Elizabeth. On August 21 of 1745 Catherine married into the Russian royal family to Grand Duke Peter. They weren’t a happy couple at all. After Elizabeth’s death in December 25 1761 Catherine’s husband assumed the throne. The Grand Duke Peter III wasn’t very liked so Catherine and her lover Gregory Orlov convinced The Grand Duke Petter III to step down. Catherine assumed reigns of the throne after he stepped down. Catherine believed in absolute rule but she mad efforts toward the social and political reforms. She put together a document called the Nakaz on how the country’s legal system should run. In this document she pushed for capital punishment and torture to be outlawed. Also she sought to address the dire situation of country’s serfs, but the senate protested any suggestion of changing the feudal
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