19 Minutes Book Report

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The book 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult is a story about a girl named Josie Cormier and a boy named Peter Houghton, whose lives are changed by a cause of jealousy towards a female friend. This book describes how friendship changes through the choices of their feelings and how through the small changes can make a person change completely.in this book Josie stops being one of the uncool kids to have a chance to be a cool kid to leave Peter and for Peter to be affected greatly. The theme of the story is love and bullying because Peter was bullied throughout his life and he was secretly in love with Josie. Nineteen Minutes opens with a detective rushing into a New England High School in the midst of a Columbine-style shooting. As the detective reaches the far end of the high school, he enters the locker room where he finds carnage and a shaking 17 year old boy who is revealed as the assailant. It is at this…show more content…
Sadly Peter commit suicide and Josie has suffered traumatizing effects of his jaunt path of her life. In eight years manner Josie tried being eminent and getting on the popularity level. Peter just wanted to love Josie and wanted to stop being bullied. All in all both of their lives were just drastically affected because of their decisions and changes that caused the conflict that happened. Also both went to prison one hang some shelves and the other was affected by that and was affected by the conflicts too. Love and bullying can blind person to not see the truth or cause a person to be blind and not care about the
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