1900 Big Business

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Many events around 1900 greatly influence and in developing Big Businesses. These developments made during the Civil War were catalysts for the rise of Big Business due to a necessity for readily available goods and the advancement in number of workers available. Immigration also assisted in the advancement of Big Business because the number of people available to work supported the rapid urbanization and multiplying of factories. Lastly, the government’s pro-business standpoint propelled the urbanization and growth of technology that supported the new businesses. The need for more accessible goods, a better quality of life, and more effective technology caused the rise of Big Business in America around 1900, and the success of this movement…show more content…
Many of the people who emigrated to the US were known as “birds of passage” because their only purpose for immigration was to get a job, earn a sufficient amount of money, and return to their native land to support their family. The other immigrants also came to America to find a job, but their purposes were more long-term. Turmoil and low quality of life in Europe sparked a mass migration from places like Russia, Japan, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Thus, this large number of immigrants provided a readily available workforce, desperate for any job that paid a wage. The effects of immigration’s role in the rise of Big Business are not just limited to the new technology and ideas from Europe, but also the increased belief in the middle class and urbanization. They entered America legally through Ellis Island in New York or Angel Island in San Francisco, yet others entered illegally and found a way to remain hidden from the law. Before the elevation of Big Business in America, Europe had been industrializing throughout the entirety of the 1800s; therefore, after this rapid urbanization the immigrants supplied new technology, ideas, and more support for better factory conditions. Clearly, the growth of the number of immigrants in America created a demand for similar advancements in…show more content…
They also placed protective tariffs on goods which made buying them from the US easier. Specifically, they gave railroad companies land for close too free too build railroads on and ignored lax enforcement of safety and downright dangerous working conditions like at the triangle shirtwaist factory. The government aided the growth of these companies by not patrolling them carefully; such as when the government passed a law outlawing monopolies but then did not enforce it for ten years. In the longer term this absence of government regulation also led to better labor laws and the minimum wage act as well as workplace safety laws. One of the key factors that led to better workplace safety was the triangle shirtwaist factory fire in New York City. The people working in the factory worked in poor conditions with low pay, and when a fire broke out many were unable to escape killing over a hundred workers. The people 's reaction to this tragedy led to the government imposing stricter laws on
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