What Caused The Outbreak Of The 1905 Revolution Essay

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The outbreak of the February/March 1917 Russian Revolution was mainly a result of the weak leadership of Tsar Nicholas II. Although other factors include the 1905 Revolution, social economic change, the Romanov rule (between 1906 and 1914), the effects of World War I and the policies of the Tsar and the autocratic government, is is proven that the main causes of the outbreak of the Revolution all stem from the Tsar’s inability to lead the Russian population efficiently.

The short-term cause that is seen as one of the direct outbreak to the 1905 uprising is the defeat of Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. Tsar Nicholas II and the Tsarist officials thought that their entrance into this war would distract the Russian public from the bad economic
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Tsar Nicholas II released this document in order to appeal to the masses. Tsar Nicholas II promised, in this document, to change the autocratic government and provide a national parliament (Duma) that would be elected by the Russian people of property and peasant communes. This document, The October Manifesto was a promise, and not legally binding; Tsar Nicholas II never upheld this promise, angering the middle class public. Although this could be seen as the root of the Revolution, this was a result of the Tsar’s…show more content…
Although he took charge of the Russian army, his lack of ability to efficiently command the military evolved into complete failure. The army had a shortage of ammunition, equipment and medical supplies, as well as poor leadership that also helped their defeats. Although the army had initially thrived, they had begun a series of defeats when the Tsar placed himself in command. Farmers were conscripted and trains used in battle that added to the food shortage. The Tsar was repeatedly seen as responsible for their defeats as it was his decision to take charge of the
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