1918 Influenza Epidemic Analysis

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Disease, and epidemics have shaped human societies throughout history. As disease comes and goes, society tends to behave in similar ways to these biological attacks. Due to this trend, the study of previous epidemics can be a great resource for the prediction of the impact that diseases can have in the present and future. In the same manner, the influenza outbreak of 1918 and the bubonic plague are good resources for the study and comparison of the outbreak of AIDS and HIV in Africa during present times. The study of epidemics allows for the analysis of unintended consequences that such events have on the population’s lives. When comparing the 1918 influenza epidemic, and the reoccurrence of the bubonic plague through history, we are able draw conclusions based on the similarities and differences to today 's AIDS and HIV pandemic.…show more content…
These similarities or differences are based on the social effects experienced by the people which through analysis can help prevent or reduce the effects of pandemics in the future or to stop further spread of HIV and AIDS with

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