1920s Car Industry Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how the 1920’s car industry started? Well it had a tremendous impactment in the 1920’s when the Model T started the future car industry. The progression of the model t started rivalry in the car industry. The model T impacted the 1920’s automobile industry and on the world in the advancement of modern day cars. Overall cars started a dramatic impact on society. In the 1920’s the model T was very know and was mass produced. As it was assembly line produced. As said by Henry Ford “Car prices lowered from $850 in 1908 to $300 in 1925 (The Roaring Twenty’s 6). The prices start to lower since the car was mass produced on an assembly line. The model T was the longest production run of any automobile in history (The Roaring twenty’s 8). Ford was efficient by the way they had made things mass produced. Henry ford kept his prices low by sticking to single products. The developed interchange parts. In 1929 the stock market started to crash. In 1920 the stock market was booming until 1920. When the stock market was crashing it began the Great Depression. Technology was at a hold until the Great Depression was over. The Great Depression was the deepest and longest downturn in history. The 1920s were a time of great industrial output of cars…show more content…
This topic influences people of how it teaches about the past also it influences people to make a change. This topic influences the era that we are living in how it is a great impact. The world is change today of how the mobile industry has changed and progressed through the years. This shows how modern day society was impacted by 1920’s. Modern day was changed by the impact of the Model T in the 1920s. The Model T changed the mobile industry in the 1920s and how technology has impacted modern day technology. This is very important to know so that we can change the future and not repeat the
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