1920's Decade

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The Great Decade Of the 1920’s “Did you know in the 1920ś”, American imports were numerous songs, and musical elements that referred to places or cultures considered to be exotic to Americans? (Pope) The 1920’s tied together a bunch of events from the decade to even the next decade. This decade separated the genre of jazz from ragtime and the blues. (Funk & Wagnalls) The 1920’s had opened up opportunities for musicians in many ways from getting jobs to earning money, and or getting to hear the snazzy new sounds of the 20’s. The technology of music was a weightful impact not only on the 1920’s but also the 30’s, 40’s, and so on. The decade was truly the age for sound, it spread like a wildfire after cries of anathema and hatred tore open…show more content…
The new form of popular entertainment really kept the 1920’s quite entertained from their political songs, broadsides, dance music, and piano music; how could one be bored? (Funk and Wagnalls) During this era several things began to gain attention, but a couple things in particular really shined through all the pieces coming out in the wave of notoriety. The popular considered to be the “happy-go-lucky,” melodies that centered a lot of popular favorites were coming from a composer of the name Tin Pan Alley. Some of the melodies that were popular were: Whispering, Wang Wang Blues, Wabash Blues, Linger Awhile, Who, My Blue Heaven, Sonny Boy, The Prisoner 's Song, April Showers, My Mammy, Dreamy Melody, and It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More. (Jazz The 1920’s centered around these tunes more than others, but that doesn’t mean they were hated they just weren’t as popular; but despite the rankings the pieces affected the entertainment in the 20’s for the best. The first great wave of American influence that came on Japanese popular music came before the Second World War and the rapid expansion of Japan’s record industry began in the late 1920’s. Imports of American records, and songs brought a wide amount of music into the culture of Japanese music creating mesmerizing pieces of Japanese popular
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