1920s Fashion Research Paper

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1920s Fashion As a result of World War 2 , the Women 's Rights Movement era started to grow and change politically , socially and economically . Society was reacting to the new world and it mirrored into a new lifestyle not just for everyone but majority for women . Women wanted to express themselves and live how they wanted to .Trend a popular trend especially in styles of dresses and ornament or manners of behavior vogue . 1920’s Fashion brought a new freely , modern lifestyle , which resulted in women abandoning the restricted fashions of previous years . The fashion of the 1920’s has tremendously changed the outlook of how women wanted to be perceived . This important decade has greatly influenced our fashion today. Before the roaring twenties hit , women had to deal with not having the same rights as men , and were often told what and what not to wear . Women had to fight the system to expand their given rights and also stood up for how they wanted to express themselves . There are a lot of articles that provide background information proving that women weren 't allowed to wear certain things nor do . Women felt caged up . They spoke and no one listened , they had had enough and stood up for what they wanted and started to do what they wanted to do , to make themselves happy . In one article, it quotes “ For women , short bobs because fashionable as did shorter skirts such as pinafores that would never have been allowed in previous decades
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