1920's New Technology

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In the 1920s new technology and industry for agriculture was increasing. New equipment was being invented to help farmers and their lifestyle. Tractors were upgraded to have internal combustion engines, rather than the old steam engines they once had the tractor was now allot like automobiles. The new technology that was used in tractors helped to open 35 million new acres to cultivation, the tractors were helping famers to produce more crops with fewer workers. New innovations were continuing to be invented, which was supposed to help farmers increase in production, but rather than increase the production decreased. The production was not growing as fast as the new technologies, which made over 3 million people leave agriculture altogether.…show more content…
The number of tractors on American farms quadrupled since the new combustion engines upgraded; the new tractors were allot like automobiles, they had the same engine as the automobile rather than the old cumbersome stem engines that tractors once had. Agriculture researchers continued with other innovations, one of which was the invention of hybrid corn which was not grown in huge quantities, but was eventually available to famers to use in 1921. Also the invention of chemical fertilizer and pesticides which also had a limited use in the 1920s, but proliferated quickly in the 1930s and
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