Why The 1920's Unsolved Mysteries

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1920’s Unsolved Mysteries It’s easy to say that the 1920’s was an iconic era; women began rebelling to gain respect; jazz music was up and coming, alcohol was banned, and there was an increase in gangster activity. The prevalence of these actions coinciding lead to a huge increase in organized crime, because prohibition left society with anticipation… anticipation that left crimes, unresolved. For instance, a German family of six was murdered in their own home on March 31, 1922. At the scene, 4 of the six family members, Andreas and Cäzilia Gruber, their daughter, Viktoria, and Cäzilia, (Viktoria’s daughter) were found inside of their barn, with their dead corpses buried under hay. The remaining two, Maria Baumgartner (the maid), was murdered…show more content…
Because of this, police suspected that the murderer may had been living in the families home months before the murder even occured. Neighbors didn’t think anything of the situation due to the fact that after the family was murdered, police discovered someone had recently eaten the food in the families house, as well as performed daily tasks around the house, such as milking the cows, and even maintaining the farm. More than 100 suspects were questioned, but the killer was never found. “...the Hinterkaifeck farm murders remain unsolved, making the savage and bloody massacre one of Germany 's oldest unsolved murders.”…show more content…
Rothstein 's legacy came to an end when he arrived at a poker game in Manhattan’s Park Central Hotel. At the end of the night, Rothstein was shot and found at the service entrance of the hotel. He refused to say who shot him, and he died shortly after, on November 6, 1928, with no one being convicted of his murder. (Kelly) Thus, with the thousands of crimes committed during the Prohibition era, many were able to slip into the cracks, but now these stories are being discovered. These events greatly affected the 1920’s era by demonstrating the effects of the prohibition, as well as providing an example of how far we’ve come with investigation and handling crime in the United States. Work Cited Kelly , Debra . “10 Unsolved Mysteries From Early 20th-Century Organized Crime.” Listverse, 15 Feb. 2015, listverse.com/2015/02/15/10-unsolved-mysteries-from-early-20th-century-organized-crime/. Lowth , Marcus . “Top 10 Unsolved Mysterious Murders From The Early 1900s.” Listverse, 12 Apr. 2016, listverse.com/2016/04/12/10-still-unsolved-mysterious-murders-from-the-early-1900s/. McAuliffe, Cat . “This Entire German Family Was Murdered With A Pickaxe - But No One Knows Why, Or Who Did It.” Ranker,

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