1920s Women Essay

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Progress Of Women In The 1920 's and 30 's Back in the 1920 's women started becoming extremely significant in the society. Before then, women rarely found jobs that accumulated a high enough income to raise a family. However this act of sexism changed in the early years of the 1920 's, women began to get involved in male dominated jobs. This time it worked, women were finally getting their say in political issues and they eventually got the chance to speak up. The government realized the types of distress and discomfort women went through to keep a healthy lifestyle for their young ones. The technological enhancements the government gave most urbanized households gave women of the 20 's intense ease. Some may argue that women were nothing…show more content…
Women were finally able to vote and get the political freedom they deserved. Soon enough women started getting elected. June 29th, 1920 first women elected in Manitoba and soon after in Newfoundland as well. (Government of Canada,n.d). Later on, there were women all over the labour forces. This was very important because back then people who worked in the labour forces were very will respected and that was the first major step towards women rights and freedom which helped enhance the daily lives for women. Now women needed the knowledge that was up to par with their exceptional new jobs. They had no qualifications, most of the schools they wanted were closed off and the ones they did go to did not have the courses they needed to succeed. That 's when they opened up schools like University Of Toronto (The City Of Toronto Archives,1927). This is the type of education platform women needed to get the education they wanted and deserved. The enlistment of women Undergraduates in University skyrocketed, the total percentage of…show more content…
This is the type of growth the government wanted to see and this is exactly the reason why they kept on giving women furthermore enhancements. The government made a basketball team for women to have better quality of life, just in one season the Edmonton Grads women team was so

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