1936 Olympics: The Boys In The Boat By David Clay

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books about 1936 olympics Books about the 1936 Olympics are bound to be popular among history buffs and athletes. It was the time right before World War II, when racial tensions were barely hidden behind these important world games. Held in Berlin, these famous games provided a false backdrop for Nazi propaganda and set false expectations for what was to come with this oppressive regime. If you 'd like to learn more about this important historical event, read on for a list of the best books about the subject. "The Boys in the Boat" allows fans of rowing to take a look at the '36 Olympics through the lens of rowing. The book captures the struggle of the eight-man rowing team from the University of Washington that went on to defat the German rowing team. These sons of farmers, loggers, and shipyard workers beat out teams from East Coast schools as well as from Great Britain. It 's a tale of courage and perseverance and one of the best books about the 1936 Olympics you 'll come across.…show more content…
For those history buffs who want a deeper look into the political ramifications of the 1936 games, there 's the book "Nazi Games." Author David Clay Large takes the reader through the days leading up to the '36 Olympics. It has tidbits about Jesse Owens as well as information about the politics of putting the games together from the American
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