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The American Living: Transporting from the year 1940 to 2016 American living has changed tremendously over the past years. Comparing the American living in the 1940’s to the American living to present, there have been great major events that have impacted America. This paper explores those major events and how they have impacted the American living economically, socially, politically and culturally during those eras. After the great depression in the 1930’s, where at least over 14 percent of Americans remained jobless, one important event has impacted the American living in a major way and that was World War II (Tindall, George Brown., and David E. Shi, 2013). World War II was the surprised attack on the United States military…show more content…
There was a massive migration of millions of people from different ethnic background into the American armed forces and defense industries (Tindall, George Brown., and David E. Shi, 2013). This migration includes Africans, Mexicans, and Indians to all fight in the war. At this time, though, African American were not allowed to donate blood while serving in the armed forces due to racial tension. The war also served as a pivotal moment for women in this era, where women were now allowed to took jobs for the first time. Statistically, over 6 million women had joined, this including married women (Tindall, George Brown., and David E. Shi, 2013). The war also created huge problems for Americans who are of Japanese descent in the United States. According to Tindall, George Brown., and David E. Shi (2013), notes that President Roosevelt issued an order called “Executive Order 9066” (p. 916). This order was utilized for the removal of all American Japanese (Japs) from American society. These people were forcibly to sell lands and businesses. There was a major segregation during this period. In 2016, there were not much social changes that had occurred. African American continues to serve in the American Armed Forces and women were still allowed to serve in the military. The only major social change that had occurred is Americans with Japanese descent are allowed in American society. Currently they owned…show more content…
In 1940, America was dominated by the verge of World War II which dampened the American culture. Everyone was more focused on preparing for war versus focusing on each individual’s religion, clothing, language, music, race, etc. There was a slight expression of racism, where African American were not allowed to donate blood to save the lives of fellow servicemen (Tindall, George Brown., and David E. Shi, p. 897,2013). In today’s society, America is considered to be a “melting pot”. People from different cultural backgrounds have migrated from all over the world and have influenced American living through religion, music, education, food, arts, etc (Bargo Jr, Michael, 2016). One cultural change that occurred is African American are now allowed to donate blood to save fellow

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