1940 Film: The Great Dictator

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A 1940 movie, The Great Dictator, contains one of the most well given speeches of all time. The nation has a new dictator that discriminates against Jews. A Jewish man who fought for its nation in the first world war has been arrested along with a man he saved during the war. They are able to escape before being placed into a concentration camp and is granted with an opportunity to change the lives of millions. The Jewish man looks very similar to the dictator, so a group of military forces mistake him for the dictator and have him deliver a speech over a radio. He delivers an outstanding speech through solid composure, good-organization, and great understanding of his atmosphere. Regardless of whether one agreed or disagreed with what the speech giver was saying, he was surely passionate about it. His voice had authority in it, yet it had compassion. He did not stutter once which certainly helped the flow of his speech. I don’t know whether he had time to prepare for the speech, but he delivered it as if he had been rehearsing it for years. He included a few pauses after he would hit a key note, which allowed for the…show more content…
This speech was given over the radio throughout the entire nation, and the speech giver knew this, and took advantage. He knew the listeners were suffering, so he used that to connect with them. He knew he was being heard, so he used a strong voice. He knew he wasn’t being seen, so he didn’t have to worry about making eye contact with the audience or using props. He did a really good job understanding the audience. He knew their thoughts and their background and was able to use that to further his speech. Overall, the speech was as close to perfect as you can get. He mastered everything it takes to deliver a good speech. If I were grading the speech, I would give it a 99. The voice was perfect, the content was perfect, the connection to the audience and atmosphere was
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