1940s Events

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Many major events took place in the 1940s decade. It was an important time for our country, as well as others. It was a time of war, technology, and cultural events. For example, the second international war came to an end, America was attacked and attacked others, and a simple and overlooked piece of technology was first created. Possibly the most significant event in the 1940s was the second world war, and its end. This war involved many countries and leaders, and claimed several lives in its 6 years of duration. Not only did it contain the rise of one of the most vengeful leaders, but it also caused the collapse of entire countries. Adolf Hitler was the beginning of WWII, as he tried to take over and rule the world. During those dreadful…show more content…
Pearl Harbor was bombed in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. Japanese fighter planes bombed the shore, destroying 20 American naval ship, and over 300 planes. As well as the destruction of equipment, lives were lost as well. Around 3,000 American pilots and soldiers also went down in the attack. The States, in return, declared war on Japan. Japan retaliated and allied with Germany and Italy, who also declared war. These three countries, as well as others, were known as the Axis Powers. The well known attack on Pearl Harbor was the horrific event that introduced the U.S. into World War II. As well as being attacked, the United States also played the role of the attacker in August of 1945. This was a deadly nuclear bombing of the Japanese town Hiroshima. This was the first nuclear bomb ever deployed. This horrific explosion killed 90% of Hiroshima’s population, combining the 80,000 of whom the bomb killed immediately, and those who later died of radiation exposure. Three days later, another bomb was dropped Nagasaki, which killed another 40,000. These brutal attacks on the Japanese ended with the Japanese surrender in WWII. America became the first to use an atomic weapon during
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