1950's Vaccine Benefits

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Scientific, and Medical advance have made it possible for more people to fight off diseases and bring back more of our troops from the war. Medical and scientific advance just keep getting more advance by the minute new discoveries are made, new vaccine are being developed to help save thousands of lives that could be under the risk of becoming infected, also new scientific transplants are being performed. Medical and scientific advances also help benefited the American economy during the postwar.

A man that saved thousands of lives with his research and studies to develop a vaccine came about in the 1950’s. Dr.jonas Salk developed an effective vaccine to prevent polio, he may have also help save thousands of lives in the far future. From his man alone I believe that there are many more great thing to come about in the 1950’s.
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This new antibiotic may just save many people 's lives in the future. Dieting also may help people in the near future. Like eating right and taking care of your body may just help us live a little long in the beautiful plant we call
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