1960 Earthquake Research Paper

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The earth is like a jigsaw puzzle, it moves in someway or another all of the time. The tectonic plates that form the surface of the Earth are often sliding against each other, which triggers earthquakes. The 1960 Chile Earthquake was the largest earthquake ever recorded which had a tremendous impact not only on the immediate area and the people living there, but also on the rest of the world. The 1960 was the largest earthquake ever recorded. The earthquake was caused by the Nazca plate releasing tension and descending 15 meters underneath the South American Plate. Many people had got the warning, and evacuated, but most of them stayed back to fight through the storm. This caused a 7.6 magnitude earthquake , but the worst was still…show more content…
They had lost their agriculture industry, because of the loss to their farms and livestock. They total damage cost was 550 million dollars. Forty percent of the homes were damaged, leaving 2 million people homeless and 5,700 people dead. Some people were even digging through the wreckage to see if they could save anything. The rebuild process was lengthy, but they had the support of other countries to help them. The U.S. had donated 136.4 million dollars to help them rebuild and the government had also given them 292.6 million dollars. They had enough money to start the rebuilding process, but the donations were not enough to rebuild everything. Not only did they have to rebuild their homes, but they had to get over the loss of their family members. The other cities had some damage , but not as much as Chile. The earthquake in Chile had sent shock waves around the world , triggering tsunamis from the coast of the Philippines to California. Earthquake-threatened cities were convinced that they needed to toughen up their warning systems and buildings. Years before the Chile earthquake San francisco had experienced an earthquake devastating of a 7.9 magnitude. If only they had the knowledge that other cities had gained from the Chile earthquake, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. They could have toughened up their buildings, highways and warning
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