1960s Dbq Analysis

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Throughout the American 1960’s there was a Civil Rights Movement. This movement gained a lot of traction within a short amount of time through many people. There were two leaders with opposing tactics but had the same goal reined in the movement. One leader was Martin Luther King with the tactic of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience and integration. The second leader was Malcolm X with the tactic to fight back and to have the communities better themselves by being separate. Martin Luther King’s philosophy was the best for the 1960s American by his idea of integration, economic standpoint, and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of integrating everyone in daily life was best to achieve equality. “…not be judged by the…show more content…
“…the ultimate weakness of violence…It doesn’t solve any problems” (Document J) King raised as a Christian believed that violence was the root of all the problems and if they fought with violence nothing would be achieved. He wanted his followers to protest peacefully to the white’s unruly actions for of his faith violence was never the answer. “…we cannot in all good conscience obey your unjust laws” (Document H) Stated by Martin Luther King in Stride toward Freedom, he wanted told the whites that the black community will revolt against the laws. Though specially from his teaching they will do it peacefully and will risk a beating or arrest to protest the laws. “…for in the event of a violent revolution, we would be sorely outnumbered…the Negro would face the same unchanged conditions…” (Document L) Due to the odds being stacked against the blacks King knew they could not accomplish it through tactics of violence. The black community would have to fight is a different manner that would risk harm to blacks but with the enough protesters they would be able to make a change despite being outnumbered by the whites. King’s teaching of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience was best tactic because fighting violence with violence creates more problems where his teachings combated the whites’ violence without being…show more content…
Having both races work and be together daily was the best way to diminish the social stigmas between the two. Having the power to influence where money went and the affects it had on the businesses that thrived off the black community gave in. Thus, bettering the black community while trying to gain back revenue. Accomplishing all these victories with the basic teaching of being peaceful is more powerful than being
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