1960s Dbq Essay

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The 1960’s and early 1970’s was a period when America was involved in many conflicts overseas, including the Vietnam War. This began a time when media spread quickly as well as influenced the public heavily and wars were first televised. These conflicts ultimately caused citizens to protest and question the motives of the federal government. A large number of these protestors were students who sought to combat problems through various tactics to get authority figures to remedy the problems they identified. Student protestors sought to combat many immediate and long-term problems involving this time period and the Vietnam War. The immediate effects of the war was that thousands of Americans died and the funding became increasingly costly as the war progressed. The long term effect was the destruction was widespread, and most of the agricultural land in Vietnam was destroyed. This lead to the formation of many protests including the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Students for a Democratic Society. These groups supported that through the philosophical and religious ideals of nonviolence that peace would dominate war and …show more content…

In the Free Speech Movement Newsletter it states how students were often photographed holding up signs and it particularly focuses on one that states, “I am a UC student. Please don’t bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate me” (Doc 3). It also refers to the treatment of humans as raw materials which cannot continue to be processed. Herbert A. Deane of Columbia University noticed that students had a new “anarchistic” attitude about them and they seemed to reject all existing institutions and patterns of behavior (Doc 4). Students ultimately gained national attention and set the precedent for other protestors of this time period through their tactics of uniting, creating signs, and getting their voice in the

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