1960s Fashion Essay

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1960s Fashion Fashion can be a powerful tool of influence upon its observers. It can be used to convey a strong message, boldly or very subtly. Fashion may sooth the eye with beautiful colors and patterns, or it may challenge the brain with unconventional styles, to declare a statement. In the 1960´s, fashion changed drastically due to the political turmoil and social events. Several Historical events that happened during the 1960s were the feminist movement, British Invasion, and Hippie movement/Antiwar protest. The feminist Movement was an acknowledgement of female power and protest to promote women 's rights of Independence and equality. The British Invasion was a time of great bands, like the beatles, coming to america bringing their sharp…show more content…
Women burned their bras as a declaration of independence from oppressive conventional fashions. This behavior was a proactive sentence for women 's rights. “Different wings of the feminist movement sought women’s equality on both a political and personal level” (Tavaana). Radical feminist (Bra burners) had a big event where women threw things such as bras, girdles, false lashes, and even women 's magazines into a trash can to be burned (Kreydatus). Some women even went without a bra to show a voice in the protest. Also during this time period there was a lot of popular british bands, like Paul Mccartney and the beatles, who impacted hairstyles and fashion in the 1960s. The Beatles chose certain outfits to make themselves appear more like a group, because wearing certain outfits helped create a name for them and showed their personalities (Hewitt). The length of Paul 's hair became mimicked by society and was a symbol of the breaking from conventional styles. Long hair was also pretty popular. A lot of men and women would keep their hair long in the late 1960’s. This was a fashion trend and also a way of rebelling against the vietnam war. People at this time we 're obsessed with tye dye and big hair. The hippies protested against the U.S. participation in the Vietnam war, they switched sexual partners freely, experimented with drugs, and “dropped out” of regular society, they had wanted everyone to
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