1960s Women's Fashion

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Rough Draft- 1960’s Women’s Fashion(hippie) What is Women’s Hippie fashion of 1960’s? what is hippie?How was it expressed in freedom? Women’s Hippie fashion of 1960’s began in the mid 1960’s, where are they changed america in some point of their life time with their new social culture, ethic values, and some of their politic ideas. There are three important background information facts on early hippie and Women’s fashion. The three important background information facts on influences of early hippie and Women’s fashion information began with history of how hippie began? or how hippie history evolved?, how was fashion expressed with culture with demographics, and rebellion of conformity(freedom). Which shows how women’s fashion revolutionized with unconventional life. Hippie history began in 1960s, in the west, then east.Hippies are short term for new beats, racial equality and Culture. Hippie are baby boomers who influenced their new tradition with politics. Hippies are middle class groups, where…show more content…
As time went on, women got jobs in nursing and teaching, but they got birth control rights and they got half of what men earn. It shows that it is politically corrupted, when there is civil rights movement. In 1960’s women are not allowed to work in political issues,Media and civil officials. Fashion and politics are linked to 1960’s women’s fashion, to show their status. one example that shows politics and fashion are linked with women’s fashion is flower power march. Flower power is politics related to fashion. In one article or documents,It was written, “ Make love, not war. Don 't trust anyone over 30. Turn on, tune in, and dropout. I am a human being — please do not fold, bend spindle, or mutilate.” ( paragraph 1, www.ushistory.org/us/57h.asp). It shows that this march is complex significant, for women, and other new religious groups, which would later link to culture of 1960’s
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