1964 Lbj Research Paper

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n 1964 LBJ signed a very important bill some people believe that he had signed it for more political power or sign it for the good of the people and the country? Before Political power LBJ was a teacher in a small Mexican American school in Texas. Document states "They knew even in their youth the pain of prejudice." He experience racism before he was in office the total fear it had on people even young children. Document A gave us a idea of how people without rights looked and dressed. "Some of them sometimes came to class without breakfast". The biggest issue of the 1960 's was the right to vote. They had the right to vote all non-white people did but couldn’t because the system was corrupt and rigged to questions that not anyone could have answered. This bill most likely wouldn’t have passed without the help of the issues the little small town in Georgia had faced in Selma. LBJ truly was for equality he wanted all people to have rights. When he was in the senate years Johnson like most Southerners did note support…show more content…
In 1957, Johnson did support a federal law on voting rights, but the final bill was so watered down it had little to no effect. In document B it says “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Lyndon Johnson is handling the civil rights problem?” Over 50% approve that he is. But if he didn’t take action the law might not of even have passed. The only reason why I could see LBJ hold off on the civil rights bill. Is the stress and time and effort he had put into the Vietnam War. Martin Luther King had said “If we can’t take action for the problems in our country why should we be worried about other countries."- The Movie Selma In conclusion the issue at hand wouldnt of happened without the help of the issues faced in Selma. If LBJ didnt take action there most likely of been another civil war. Because if the goverment wont take action that means the people
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