1968 Dircimar Analysis

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This is the story of the most annoying women I know, the person that walks through the front door already yelling at me and telling me to do something anything for the tenth time. Danielle wash the dishes, wash the dog, clean your room, and don’t forget your jacket. Yet she is the person I love the most. Yes this is the story of my Mom. In 1968 Dircimar was born, in a small town called Sardoa, dircimar was the eigth baby to be born and after her came 3 more. Yes my grandparents had 11 children, they say it is because they did not have television back then. Growing up in a small town with 11 brothers and sisters dircimar parents struggled to sustain their big family, but they were very hardworking and did their best. Dircimar and her sister shared everything for a long time including, clothes, underwear, and even their beds. She has happy memories of her childhood, and some bad memories as well. But since that time when Dircimar was a child she already knew that life wasn’t only made of good moments and that is ok. Growing up she saw her parents grow financially and things got a little better, seeing how hardworking her parents were and how they could conquer their goals. She made her own goals, like almost everyone she wanted to succeed in life and have her own belongings, her house, her car, and enough money to live well and waste a little. But since she had given up on school…show more content…
I try my best every day to be courageous, hardworking, humble, and generous, just like dircimar. I could not be more grateful for all the things she did and does for me, I am who I am because of her, I do not imagine going through this phase of my life without her, and she is what keeps me going. My Mother is more than a mother she is, My Idol, My father, My best Friend, My inspiration, My
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