1970 And 2000 Essay

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In the period of thirty years between 1970 and 2000 immigration and immigrants in the United States has changed drastically. Their origin countries have changed, their are more in the US and dejectedly poverty rates have risen as well. Global events as well as new US immigration laws/amendments have impacted the fundamental changes in immigration. Although not all the shifts in immigration have been positive, undoubtedly in a period of thirty years there are noticeable differences.

Due to events in both the US and multiple countries many people have immigrated to the US between 1970 and 2000. There has been a broad increase of immigrants inside America beginning in the 1980’s. In 1970 the percentage of immigrants occupying the US was 4.7% until around 1980 it more than doubled to 10.7% and still began to rise.

Not only have the immigrant numbers increased but their origin countries have changed. Originally in 1970 the origin country
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In a period of 30 years the poverty rate of immigrants across America more than doubled. In 1970 of the 4,605 immigrants in this country 12% percent or 552 immigrants were in poverty. By the year 2000 of the 112,016 immigrants in this country 44% or 49,287 were in poverty. Although the change seems grand, due to the rising amount of immigrants in this country the amounts closely replicate each other.

In conclusion immigration in the United States is an ever-changing thing. Although some changes such as the poverty rates are to be expected others, such as the rapid change in the amounts entering and their origin country, are unsystematic. These changes begin to indicate how immigration may change between 2016 and 2046 and even later years to come. No amount of statistics can strictly put a plan in place for how immigration will change, but by studying different adjustments we can predict how immigration in the US will fluctuate in the
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