1970 Kent State Shooting Research Paper

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After listening to a few of the oral history interviews and viewing photos from the events that occurred during the 1970 Kent State Shootings, I can’t begin to imagine the true effects of such an occurrence. During the past two decades, I’ve distantly witnessed, via multi-media, numerous acts of massacres on school campuses alone (elementary, high school and college) that resulted in lost lives and immense trauma for all involved. I’m sitting here trying to visualize what it may have been like for all the KS students, facility, and towns people, as well as, the members of the national guard during the weekend of May 1-4, 1970. A colleague of mine, Jane Grote describes it well as she was literally in the middle of it all. She…show more content…
Jane may also be affected by nightmares, may psychologically distrust men in uniforms, become an activist against guns to an extreme compared to someone else. In some cases, perhaps Jane’s healthier disposition about her experience during her senior year at Kent State could currently be in a dormant/avoidance state. It makes you wonder if she has or had a college-aged child and they decided to live on campus while away at school, would the aftermath of the Kent State Shootings cause Jane to become deeply affected and possibly need psychological counseling, would she become overly anxious because of her experiences? Since Jane’s background is in art, if she finds herself in the depths of distress, perhaps ways in which she might find healing would be to use her creative abilities with drawings, paintings, etc. to express her pain, release its energy, or the hold it may have on her. This in turn would allow her to talk about it within the context of her
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