Fashion In The 1960's

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1950s – Five years after World War II ended, and haute couture resurged after the harshness of war years. Cloth rationing had ended, so more different types of fabric were obtainable and as they could be produced in larger quantities, a new type of fashion bloomed. Women’s dresses started having excess fabric with intricate gatherings, poofy petticoats, stunning collars and a plethora of pleats. Dresses were made from all the best kinds of fabric: taffeta, nylon, rayon, wool and leather in bright and bold patterns and colours. New materials such as acrylic, polyester and spandex were introduced as well. For men, fashion did not change much throughout the decade. Suits, sport coats, slacks, sweaters or casual wear were the usual choices,…show more content…
Cat-eye sunglasses and matching accessories were huge trends. This decade had an abundance of conformity and consumerism. However, less conservative styles did start to appear as well. 1960s – The 1960s was the era of geometric prints, girl groups and boyish supermodel. It was also a time that broke conventional fashion standards. Early 1960s fashion was elegant, with the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, to thank for the introduction of the pillbox hat, a significant clothing item of this decade. Along with the pillbox hat, women wore suits with short boxy jackets and over-sized buttons. About halfway through the 60s, the mini-skirt was invented by Mary Quant and fashion was changed forever. The British were huge trendsetters and Mod subculture was formed, consisting of classy tailored suits, with British rock bands emerging from the culture, such as the Who and the Beatles, who were probably one of the biggest icons of this decade. For the first time, London was the centre of the fashion…show more content…
Hippie clothing was very flowy and free. Men started growing their hair out, liking it long, with long beards as well. Flowers and peace signs were very symbolic of this decade. 1970s – Fashion in the 1970s continued on from the 60s, with mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the androgynous hippie look. However, the early fashion scene was even more vibrant than the 60s. More bright colours appeared, this time with polyester as the material of choice. Hair reached new heights with full on perms and afros becoming all the rage. With hair, you could definitely say that bigger was better. By the middle of the decade, the hippie look had completely disappeared, only to be replaced by the popularity of clean-cut, active wear. The jumpsuit was the biggest sensation of this trend, and the average person usually sported tracksuits, tube tops, tennis headbands and leisure

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