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Music it’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere, and it’s been here for millions of years. From the cave men beating sticks on rocks, to boys performing for their king, to where people just listen to music to have a good time and goof off. But music comes in eras where a certain style, taste, and artists rule the charts. The 1970’s was the end of a music era and the start of one that still holds true today. The fashion, the music, and the politics. Everything was big, everything was unhinged, and that made no exceptions when it came to the music of the decade.
From almost the very start of the 1970’s people could infer that change was going to happen. “In April 1970 the Beatles broke up, in September Jimmy Hendrix died from mixing pills and alcohol,
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Many new music types such as disco, soft-rock, glitter rock, and heavy metal hitting the scene with new artists such as Ziggy Stardust. Rock, Pop, and the blues continued to be popular with new bands hitting the big time such as Led Zeppelin. The Jacksons, and Diana Ross dominated Disco, Rock was ruled over by Kansas, and Pink Floyd who each sold millions of records. The new music age was a foot, with kids, teenagers, and even adults loving the cutting-edge look and feel of the…show more content…
With Woodstock spawning what people call the Woodstock effect it made artists, and their employers prosperous almost immediately. Scandals also helped the music career with the Watergate scandal creating songs full of abhor and lament towards Nixon. Movies featuring contemporary and beautiful music were playing in theaters, stimulating sales of albums. The music from the 1970’s was effected by everything, and it wasn’t always for the best. The music from the 1970’s was new, and exhilarating, and some aspects from it still are in music today. It was a giant leap from the music of older times, and set the bedrock for modern music to be built off of. New fashions, and new attitudes sprung up along with the music of the 70’s, making it a very important time in music history. Kansas, The Jacksons, Diana Ross, and Led Zeppelin, all these artist made their stake in history, by producing great songs that some listen to today. 1970’s music the most memorable era of music for a reason, cause it was flashy, sounded great, and just overall
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