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The effects of 1970s music The smiley face is now known as the emoji but back in the 70´s was when it first introduced. Bold colors in furniture such as orange, yellow and rust were very popular as well as the olive green washer and dryer. Microwaves were a huge hit and so was the clock radio that everyone just had to have. However, nothing was more popular and unforgettable than the 70’s music.
The Vietnam War was a raging war and was hitting America hard. Men were being drafted to the war as soon as they turned eighteen and this was the time the peace loving “hippies” came into the world. However, the most important political issue of the period was the war in Vietnam. The counterculture rejected the war on two fronts. First, the hippies supported the idea of peace and harmony throughout mankind. Second, since many hippies were young adults, the males rejected the idea of registering for the draft and being sent to war (Richards). Another big revolution was the woman’s movement. Women from all over the country was going against the discrimination of women and how they were being treated in a man’s world. All in all, both the Vietnam War introduced new songs to the world such as “War” by Edwin Starr, the movement of feminism let a number of new female artist into the music industry such as Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro.
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Disco was a popular fad started in the 70’s and clubs were started to play the music. Rock music was also becoming more and more popular because of the rebellion in the 70’s. A rock band that became popular in the 1970’s was Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin appealed to the younger generation because they finally had a band they could grow up to (Schuman 57). Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd skynyrd were some of the bands that became popular in the 70’s. Diso was a fad just for this particular decade and it burned out when the 80’s rolled

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