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1970s Technology 1970s there were unique clothing styles introduced. Bell bottoms, hot pants, and tie dye were popular trends in the 1970s; some even dared to go just plain nude, streaking was common during this time. Aside from fashion there were major events in politics during the 1970s one event being the watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal is to this day the The intro should NOT discuss the specific topic of your essay. It should introduce it. Talk about technology today or the history of technology or talk about the trends of the 70s. Much of your information should be discussed in the body paragraphs. There were numerous historical, political, and social events during the 1970s. One social event was the expansion of…show more content…
Sony answered the desires of the public on July 1, 1979 by introducing a portable hand-held radio trademarked as the Walkman that launched a revolution of personal electronics. Precursors to the Walkman included the Boombox, a portable sound system that resembled a small suitcase. While the boombox met the definition of portability, the walkman quickly surpassed previous technology in terms of size and portability while maintaining a high quality sound system that you could carry in your hand ("The First Sony Walkman"). Just as Sony revolutionized the music industry with “on-the-go” music, Apple Computer Company founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in Wozniak’s garage, blazed a trail with its introduction of the Apple PC. After several engineering attempts in the mid 1970s Apple began work on a PC that would become the largest selling computer in the world, the Apple II (Haven 291-293). Just as the computer and music industries changed their products to advance technology and improve portability, the implementation of the catalytic converter, during the 1970s, sought to provide a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way to reduce hazardous auto emissions. A catalytic converter converts toxic auto pollutants in the exhaust gas to less toxic levels of pollutants…show more content…
This expansion sparked a need for the invention of the walkman which exponentially increased a listener 's choice in the music they could chose, and when and where to listen. Unlike the transistor radio of the 1950s, the Walkman offered the user the choice of AM/FM radio or cassette tape options all being played on the go. At the start of the 1970s the invention of the microprocessor forever altered technology, paving the way for the personal computer. The microprocessor shrank computers from full sized rooms to the size of a two drawer file cabinets (Haven 291-293). Ironically, despite the shrinking physical dimensions of the computer, its data storage and overall technological capacity continued to grow. Although private corporations received positive accolades from the public regarding improved technology and portability of products developed, the same cannot be said about the government 's efforts to regulate air emissions. The 1970 Clean Air act required the installation of catalytic converters on all new manufactured vehicles. The main complaints from consumers about the converters was that it decreased gas mileage and negatively impacted overall performance of the vehicle. Without the paramount technology that arose out of the 1970s life in the current age would be totally

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