1980 Winter Olympics Research Paper

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The 1980 Winter Olympics are known as the XIII Olympic Winter Games. The 1980 Winter Olympics had numerous sports. The Olympics are memorable, as the Lake Placid sporting game Olympics that provided a dazzling and stunning triumph to Americans. What were the occasions amid the 1980 Olympics? Which sports won medals during the Olympics? Where did the 1980 Winter Olympics occur? What competitors and nations took an interest in the Olympics? What countries participated in the Olympics What makes this Olympics separate this from some other Olympics?

The 1980 Winter Olympics, is authoritatively known as the XIII Olympic Winter Games. This was a multi-sport occasion which took place from February 13,1980, and ended on February 24,1980. The 1890 Winter Olympics took place in Lake Placid, New York, United States of America. The sports that were in the Winter Games were ice hockey, speed skating, ski jumping, and figure skating. There were also Luge, Nordic combined, bobsleigh, alpine skiing, and biathlon. There were approximately one thousand and seventy-two athletes in the Olympics. There were eight hundred forty men and two hundred thirty-two women in the Olympics. The athletes came from thirty-seven countries that were in the
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Luge was the riskiest game in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Luge has various threatening dangers. In spite of the fact that most injuries included bumps, bruises, wounds, broken bones, concussions and blackouts. Fatal accidents do happen sometimes, but was rare. This game is a couple or an individual sled sport. The sled is face-up and feet first. The racing sleds weighs about forty-six to fifty-five pounds for single sleds. Although a double sled weighs fifty-five to sixty pounds. The necessities expected to take an interest in luge was sled, a protective helmet, suit, gloves, booties. Steering is finished by flexing the sled's runners with the calf of their leg and applying inverse shoulder weight to the
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