1980s Sitcom Analysis

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The 1970s Is known to Be the golden era of British sitcom, There were sitcom That attempted to find humour in racial or ethnic misunderstandings, but in later years the content was criticised.

In the 1980s alternative comedy started to emerge onto British sitcoms, alternative comedy Is a style of comedy which rejected established stereotypes and sometimes they also had a political component. alternative comedy was also found in cartoons, one of the first alternative comedy sitcoms to come on the British television was The Young ones and then carried on with BlackAdder.

The young ones was a comedy sitcom based on four students living in the same house and showing the audience how they get on with there daily lives and problems, this show
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In the 1990s the sitcom Desmond was the first British sitcom to have a black cast set in the workplace, having a black cast for this show proved that the alternative comedy sitcoms in the 1980s had some sort of effect in breaking the racial barrier which allowed channel 4 to take a step forward and go ahead and make a sitcom with a black cast it was the right thing to do as this series is one of channel 4s longest running sitcom with 71 episodes, the audience was attracted to this show because it was about an african family and it showed their lifestyle, the audience would be intrigued by this concept because it was something they have never seen on television before due to the racial problems in the previous years this was a great opportunity for the British public to learn that race really didn 't matter and that you didn 't have to be a certain colour to be funny, alternative comedy had a huge effect in this because the purpose in the previous years was that these issues can be sorted out and differences can be settles whether it was about racism or sexism or any social
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