Dystopian Society In 1984 George Orwell

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A dystopian society is a dehumanizing and as unpleasant place that is the opposite of perfect. In 1984 Oceania is considered to be a dystopia with a totalitarian government running the country. The main character, Winston Smith, is one who is not too happy with his living condition in the society and hates everything the government represents. However a revolt is near to impossible to complete and has never happened before. Anyone who has tried is not a person in the society anymore. No one knows what to believe and no one knows what to believe in. In 1984, the inner party uses manipulation and fear tactics to control reality under conditions and regulations set by the inner party. In 1984 we see the people in Oceania get their rights taken…show more content…
If words are removed that can be used in a negative way than once they all are removed there is only words that can be used positively. In 1984 we see this by Oldspeak turning into Newspeak. We see Winston work on the Old Speak to get rid of any words the government thinks can be used negatively towards them. The narrator stats, “ ake ‘good,’ for instance. If you have a word like ‘good,’ what need is there for a word like ‘bad’? ‘Ungood’ will do just as well – better, because it's an exact opposite, which the other is not. Or again, if you want a stronger version of ‘good,’ what sense is there in having a whole string of vague useless words like ‘excellent’ and ‘splendid’ and all the rest of them?” (Orwell 23). This quote states that the government is getting rid of words that they feel are necessary because they are only used in a negative manner. They take words like bad and turn it into ungood just to play with your mind so you will never thing something is bad it is just ungood. If there are no negatives words to express your opinion than there is no way you can talk negatively about the government. This is how the government controls reality and how people see the government. Since they can not talk bad about it they simply can't call it ungood. This controls how people think and how people view their

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