1984 Alex Character Analysis

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Alex is a seemingly active and sociable person living in a small society. However, he has a desire to do terrible things which is not what a normal teenager usually do. As a fifteen year old, he has already become a leader of a small gang of criminals consisting of Dim, Georgie, and Pete. This causes a rise in his psychopathic behaviour to create mischief and terror in the streets. As a juvenile delinquent, he will try to find victims of opportunities and uses that moment to either rape or robe them and ending with a cruel and severe punishment. His personality is diverse and overall interesting to analyze, because there are many sides of him with new secrets arise every part of the novel. With the ability of being two folded, he is able to fool the society with his charm and not awkward conversations. He has many likings where he feels passionate about which are dressing up to the height of passion, listening to old classical music, and going to the opera. This causes a clash and misunderstanding towards his psychopathic nature, but it shows that music can enrage his evil nature depending on what music it plays. He likes being the dominating one whenever beating or torturing them in the most devious way. It gives him power and shows how big of a manipulative person he truly is. Alex secrets unravels when he shares his past experience, expecially when he is still just a little kid. He shares that he has been tortured by a number of people and also has a fear in looking at…show more content…
The theories that cover psychoanalytic is still too basic or general and in desperate need for further development. In other words, enhancing the theory can benefit the readers to understand more about the mindset and reasoning of how psychopaths roam the earth causing destruction and mischief to the
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