1984 And Macbeth Comparison Essay

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William Shakespeare and George Orwell are two of the most iconic authors of all time. Although living in different conditions and time periods, both of their works show similarities in exploring human nature and defining humanity. Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Orwell’s 1984 both explore the human traits in different storylines and styles, but for a similar purpose. Not only do both pieces of literature deeply explore the themes of power and control, but also other aspects of human life such as fear and paranoia. By doing this in each author’s storyline, they connect with the values and beliefs of their readers. Throughout human history, people have not only strived for, but thrived off of power. Both Shakespeare and Orwell explore the idea of power in their works through similar examples. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth both are hungry for power, and go to the extreme measure of assassinating the king in an attempt to become highly powerful figures. Similarly to this, in 1984,…show more content…
Throughout the story, Banquo serves as a loyal side character to Macbeth. This corresponds to 1984 with Winston’s relationship to Obrien, with Winston being the loyal ally to Obrien. Both authors use this relationship between the main protagonists and their side characters as a means of expressing the human nature of betrayal. Macbeth’s act of betrayal towards Banquo occurs when he calls for the assassination of him. This betrays the trust that Banquo has for Macbeth. Obrien betrays Winston by double-crossing him and working for the party. Both authors use betrayal as another way of showing control. Macbeth and Obrien both act the way they do so that they stay in control of the world. Macbeth kills Banquo as a way of eliminating anyone who could possibly see through his murder of King Duncan, and Obrien betrays Winston to stay loyal to the party, who control the population. Both authors use betrayal in a similar way to depict
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