1984 And Pleasantville Essay

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Making Connections
Black and white compared to what's really right? Even though both the novel 1984 and the film Pleasantville are made in different times, they share the same ideals. The novel 1984 was written by george orwell and the film Pleasantville was written and directed by gary ross. In both 1894 and Pleasantville the ideas of conformity, intimacy, and leadership are challenged.
Firstly, in the film Pleasantville and the novel 1984, the idea of conformity is explored, along with the outcomes. In the town Pleasantville , every one is the example of a perfect 50's family. This is shown in the opening scenes of the town, the families eat healthy, the children arre well behaved, and everyone practices safe sex. When David and his sister are sent into the tv, the find this strange and attempt to go with it but end up changing their way of life. Once the people of Pleasantville , who were black and white, change to color, the town erupts into violence and segregation. similar too Pleasantville , the people in 1984 all dress the same and conform to
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In 1984, the people are not aloud to look at one another with affection and in Pleasantville , holding hands is considered to be inappropriate. When the couple was at the dinner, Skip made a comment about some couples are " holding hands already", after hearing this jennifer is shocked and takes him to lovers lane where she teaches him about sex. By jenniffer doing this, it causes all the other teenagers to do the same. Similar to this, in 1984 sex is not allowed and neither is love. When Julia tells Winston she loves him, he is scared. Being in love will cause their deaths if found out. So the couple keeps it secret and it causes them to grow together. the lack of intimacy in 1984 has caused people act rash and live in fear. By both jennifer/skip and winston/ Julia ignoring leadership they are challenging

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