1984: Becomes Reality, By George Orwell

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1984 Becomes Reality George Orwell writes about many important issues in his book, 1984. He writes about a future government where many different problems are portrayed dramatically and obviously. The book is about a totalitarian government that has complete control over its citizens, and intrudes on people’s privacy, to the point where even thoughts aren’t safe. Not only do they invade their thoughts, but they also control them. The government brainwashes their citizens to get them to be unquestioningly loyal to the party. The issue of brainwashing stands out as one of the most important topics in this book as well as one that is very relevant to today. Orwell communicates through his book that brainwashing is pervasive and destructive to our sense of reality and logic as human beings, and that it has a negative impact on the citizens subjected to it. Orwell expresses this belief especially at the end when Winston is in the ministry of love. We get to see the party’s thoughts in full detail as O’Brien explains everything to Winston and simultaneously brainwashes him. We also see how it then negatively affects Winston afterwards. There are examples of how brainwashing is relevant not only in Orwell’s book, but also in today’s societies. Some examples are small and don’t have a very big impact, such as brainwashing through advertisement. Another example is the totalitarian government of North Korea that has brainwashed an entire country into believing lies. George Orwell 's
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