1984 Big Brother Character Analysis

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In 1984 by George Orwell, the character Big Brother played an important role in the book, because he had played a role in a theme: No privacy. Even though he never physically exists in Oceania, and is considered a minor character, Big Brother is first and heavily mentioned in the slogan “Big Brother is watching you” and is the supposed leader and sole image of The Party. In the novel, the citizens of Oceania have never seen Big Brother in real life, only on posters. A recurring theme in the book was having no privacy. An example of this is when Winston was caught by the fitness instructor for slacking off, the instructor calls him out directly for not working hard enough. As a result, Winston is always weary and paranoid of the television watching him and others.…show more content…
Whenever someone gets unpersoned or vaporized, the citizens are raised and brainwashed to think it is for the good of Oceania and Big Brother and encouraged to do so especially for the children to report crimes. Also he is only in the slogan of “Big Brother is watching you” and his image is plastered in posters on walls which Winston or anyone can’t hide from. Big Brother is important to the book, because he is a huge part that helps the theme because he is the reason why The Party keeps an eye on their citizens and is supposed to be “watching you” constantly. In conclusion, in 1984 by George Orwell, Big Brother never appears physically but he works as a main part of the theme of having no privacy in the novel, because he is the main image for The Party who watch over their citizens and the citizens see Big Brother a good reason why they do not have any
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