1984 Book Cover Analysis

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A book cover, as simple as it is, can allow the reader to gain insight into themes and topics that a book contains within itself. The book covers of the book, “1984” by George Orwell, show the reader different ideas and themes that are present within the book. In the book “1984” Winston has dreams of a revolution to overthrow Big Brother and the totalitarian control that he has over all people. The book covers do not show the summary of the book just show the theme and it is up to the reader to find why the book cover is important. Most of the 1984 book covers focus around the major theme of the book which is surveillance. In many of the covers, eyeballs are symbols of being always watched and monitored by Big Brother, the ruler of Oceania.…show more content…
A barcode is always unique and never the same as the next one, even though it looks exactly the same. The barcode is significant due to it providing a picture that everything in Oceania is the same. The only difference between everyone is there own looks. In the book, Winston realizes that nobody knows that they are being controlled and they will not know until they rebell. This idea is also present in the book cover due to the red color that Winston is portrayed. The color red is usually associated with the passion and emotions like love. These things are not allowed by the Party and Big Brother. To think about love or anything that is reveals individuality is considered a thoughtcrime. The color red also means rebellious and obstinate. Winston is rebellious throughout the book and it starts at the very beginning when he did not join the Two Minutes Hate, where the people shout with anger at the Party’s enemies, rather he looked around the room to see if others were rebelling. This book cover further explains the surveillance the people of Oceania are under along with the nature of the rebellious nature of Winston through the colors the artist
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