1984 By George Orwell: A Literary Analysis

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George Orwell’s 1984, has contains several out of the ordinary themes. From the opening of the novel Orwell paints Oceania as a gloomy, dingy place. He describes the physical emptiness of Oceania and hints at the decomposing of the human spirit. Toward the end of Section One, Orwell takes the reader deeper and begins to illustrate how the physical darkness of this totalitarian work is a reflection of the destruction of basic human values. Proles are lowest class make up the biggest part of the population but the Part has taught, “that the Proles [are] inferiors who mush be kept in subjection, like animals” (). This is highlighted by Winston’s reaction to the “steamer” (). He is walking through the streets of one of the slums when a rocker bomb explodes and destroys two houses Winston doesn’t even react to the “bright red streak” of blood on the street (). When he realizes “that it [is] a human hand severed at the wrist; He kick the thing into the gutter” (), Winston’s relationship with Julia also highlights the Parties destruction of human values. Julia is a member of the Party and also a member of…show more content…
You can see this with the Parson’s family kids are trained to spy on their parents and turn them in. Winston sees the Parson’s in jail and he asks why he is there. Parson says he is guilty of speaking against the Party and “with a sort of doleful pride” that his daughter turned him in (). Winston viewed his wife, he had no feelings for her, when he fins out they cannot have children, and they stop having sexual relations and divorce. He states several times that he wants to do bodily harm to her when they were together like, hit her with something or push her off a cliff. Another good example would be after one of Winston and Julia’s encounters he dream of his mother and how he caused her death by being greedy for food and stealing it from his own mother and
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