1984 By George Orwell: Novel Analysis

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No hope. This is the message portrayed in the novel 1984 written by George Orwell. The novel follows the story of a man named Winston who attempts to resist a totalitarian government known as the Party. In the end his efforts are futile, just as all the others before. Within the book, the Party is a well set-up government with a great future prospect. Although the novel portrays the success of the Party in 1984, it would fail definitely today. The Party is a brutal government constructed on forced compliance and torture. Within the novel, Orwell uses the characters attempts at overthrowing the government to further illustrate the idea of how powerful the Party is. The use of characters such as Julia and Winston are implemented to portray how unconquerable the Party is. Julia is a female character who oppresses the government through illegal actions such as intercourse and smuggling, but these alone could not wound the Party. Conversely, Winston wants to overthrow the Party in it’s entirety and break free from the bonds of the oppressive government he lives in. Quotes pg 155 The party is a cruel entity that constricts those living under it’s rule. In today 's day and age, it would be nearly impossible for a totalitarian government like the party to form and thrive. One force that would prevent the…show more content…
If the Party started placing harsh restrictions on its residents, users of social media could band together and revolt from within the country. If those under rule alone were not powerful enough to overthrow the Party, other nations could be contacted for support to annihilate the Party and prevent its rise to power. Even if all contact to and from the controlled area were eliminated, people would notice the area lost all connection to the outside world and would raise a red flag. The Party would be noticed and shut down before it could even gain
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