1984 Character Analysis Essay

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Blossoming A flower needs the right environment to grow, including plenty of sunlight for photosynthesis - water for hydration - fertile soil for nutrients. Similarly, a person needs the right environment to flourish. In George Orwell's novel 1984, the protagonist Winston's glum and dejected demeanor reflects his never-changing environment of murky and forsaken London. However, Syme, a minor character, has a dauntless and impulsive manner, even when living in poverty-stricken London as well. Winston Smith, the main character, is a man whose ethics and comportment have been heavily influenced by his milieu. Living in the austere and oppressive society of London, Oceania, Winston has been indoctrinated to suppress his emotions and thoughts and to conform to the ruling Party's ideology. However, Winston's inquisitiveness and yearning for liberty lead him to question the Party and its teachings. As he becomes more disenchanted with the Party and its propaganda, Winston's demeanor becomes more insubordinate, and he seeks out ways to resist the Party's control. Despite the peril of being caught and penalized by the Party, Winston continues to pursue his own moral code, which is at odds with the Party's tyrannical regime. …show more content…

As a devoted adherent of the Party's ideology, Syme flourishes in the environment of Oceania, where he can his intellectual and creative energies into his work on the Newspeak language. However, his impulsive nature and tendency to act without forethought make him a somewhat reckless character. The environment of London, with its ubiquitous surveillance and monitoring of citizens, only reinforces Syme's allegiance to the Party and its ideology. Nonetheless, he is known for his perspicacious wit and trenchant tongue, which often gets him into trouble with the

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