1984 George Orwell 1984 Analysis

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In George Orwell’s novel 1984 there is an organization called “The Party” This organization is a political party that has total control over the lives of it’s members and the people it governs through a totalitarian regime. “Big Brother,” a metaphorical political leader that represents the values of The Party in the novel, is always watching these people through surveillance and informants. (Orwell, 1984, 2008) While this political party is fictional, it does bear an eerie resemblance to the dominating party of the Democratic German Republic (DGR), called the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SUPG.) (Britannica Online 2016) The SUPG maintained control convicting or deporting anyone who they considered an enemy of the party. Evidence of any party disloyalty was found through surveillance of individuals. The main perpetrator of this surveillance and conviction was done through the Ministry of State Security, also known as the Stasi. (Razka 2016) This paper aims to investigate and analyze how the Stasi did this, and what sort of legacy remains of these communist years. The Stasi did massive surveillance to maintain control, and during the decline of the DGR this increased tremendously. This paper argues that because of the decline of the East German state, the Stasi increased surveillance in an attempt to maintain state control. This attempt failed, but still has managed to leave a cultural impact on German society that lasts until today. East Germany was once known as the
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