1984 George Orwell Analysis

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George Orwell, despite being Anglican in name was an atheist man, his real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Orwell despised in blindly believing and not questioning, he considered religion to be irrational and that it encouraged to think groundlessly with no logic. ‘1984’ published in 1949 was the conclusion to George Orwell 's writings, which were influenced by his life and views regarding the Russian revolution of 1917 and the stalinist era of the Soviet union. His experience of World War two inspired him to write ‘1984’, which served as a warning to the readers by presenting a complete totalitarian society and an extreme version of the German society then. We can see how Orwell’s beliefs and his views on religion, politics and the extent of governmental power were embodied in ‘1984’. George Orwell, who mechanically accepted catholicism at a young age, later on began to hate the religion, and his experience of war and the rise and fall of dictatorship in Europe shaped his world views, which were reflected in the writing of the novel ‘1984’. Belief in “1984” is presented in the character of Big Brother. Big brother is portrayed as an omnipotent being and a Messianic figure. In the novel people are expected to believe, love and trust in only Big Brother and the party 's cause. The protagonist of ‘1984’ Winston, finds it hard to believe blindly in the party’s cause, he struggles with doublethink and the truth of the party and what he knows to be true, which contradict with the

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