1984 Double Think Essay

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The book “1984” wirtten by George Owell is about the world where everything is controlled by ‘Big Brother’. Definition of double think is the power to hold completely cotractiory beliefs in one’s mind all together and accept both of them. As ‘Big Brother’ is a dictator, people are forced to follow him, otherwise they will get torture or death penalty. Compared to ‘real word’, readers can realize many familiar situations from the novel 1984. In 1984, Even in modern society, double think is hanppened frequently. Affirmative action can be clear example of modern society of double think. Most dicators use double think to conceal their scretes or control people easier. However, double think can cause few negative effects. It is difficult to keep…show more content…
Big Brother installs telescope, and concealed microphone to observe people. Also, he made the party and four ministers to reinforce the power and controll people easily. Double think is a way for people think one way but believe another. It is policy for people who are in the party and do not truly belive the party and Big Brother. For example, since the party and thougtpolice realized that Winston was trying to rebel his party, O’Brien tortured him. When Winston is being tortured by O’Brien, he tells Winston that two plus two equal five. Even though Winston knows that two plus two is not equal to five, he eventually starts to think that two plus two is equal to fiver. This is definitely example of double think because O’Brien knows that two plus two is not equal to five however he is saying something completely different to conceal the truth. Four ministires: ministry of love, ministry of truth, ministry of plenty, and ministry of peace are aptly instance of double think. Also, all four ministries are written by positive words, but work as opposite meaning of the words. Ministry of peace with wars, ministry of turth with lie, ministry of plenty with starvation and ministry of love with torture. To hide their real purposes, they named those with positive words. Though, because double think is diffcult to keep up for long periods, Winston and some people relized real purposes of ministries and
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